Birding Safaris

Uganda has become famous among serious bird watchers, and many visitors who would never consider the activity at home quickly become interested in the country’s spectacular avian diversity. With over 1500 species of birds — more than in all of North America — packed into an area half the size of Kentucky, it’s hard not to become enthused about the variety of feathered creatures one encounters in Uganda. And Trek Africa Eco-Tours will provide you with experienced nature guides who make any bird watching expedition an educational experience.
One of the reasons for Uganda’s extraordinary bird life is the country’s great variety of habitats: rain forests, mangrove swamps, beaches, open Savannah, rivers, etc. And any two of those ecosystems, with their resident bird species, are often only a short distance apart. Birders from Europe who visit Uganda during the northern winter invariably recognize familiar faces in the forest, since many species migrate to East Africa every winter.
We have exciting birding literariness which include:
Below are some of the popular Itineraries:

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