Mt. Muhavura towers at an impressive 4127m, and is covered with rocky surfaces and small shrubs. The eight hour climb is difficult, and a substantial amount is on ladders but trekkers are rewarded by an unparalleled view of the Virungas as well as a crater lake at the top


Established to breed black and white rhinos, and restore the populations in Uganda’s National Parks, the sanctuary offers a walking safari among the rhinos! This intimate visit to these rare beasts allows you to experience the rhinos only a few yards away. You will truly appreciate the incredible beauty of …

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Feel the incredible adrenaline rush as you conquer the wild rapids of the Nile! Trips range from half a day to two days, and include rafting the legendary Source of the Nile, taking on up to class five rapids, and seeing the natural beauty and cultures surrounding the river. One …

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Created in 1997 Ngamba Island provides a home for orphaned chimps to live out their lives in a safe and secure environment, as return to the Wild is not possible. You can come to the island to watch the chimps feed, play, and interact with each other. Ngamba also offers …

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